Promotion conditions

The purpose of this promotion is to publicise the product Nasodren®, indicated for the relief of sinusitis symptoms, through this website.

To qualify for this promotion, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Be a new customer.
  2. Place the order through the website
  3. Carefully read the instructions for use and follow the full 10-day treatment with the product.
  4. If the expected results are not obtained after that time, Hartington Pharmaceutical S.L.U. undertakes to return double the price of the product + shipping costs to the customer.
  5. To request a refund, it is necessary to fill in this form and have a telephone consultation with Dr. Relats to understand the possible reasons why the product was not effective.
  6. Once the return is authorised, it will be made by the same payment method (card or PayPal) used to buy the product.
  7. The refund is limited to one (1) unit per customer, address, email address and/or contact number.

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