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100% Natural

Sinus infection?
Find relief with Nasodren®

Breathe the difference with Nasodren®. Nasal spray 100% natural, effective and safe for the relief of all the symptoms of sinusitis.

91% of our customers recommend Nasodren® to relieve sinus infection symptoms

How does Nasodren® work?

dia 1- Nasodren


Nasodren® has an immediate action, so as soon as applied it will produce an abundant secretion of mucus.

dia 2-Nasodren


Thanks to its mechanism of action, from the second day the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses is reduced, thus facilitating the expulsion of mucus.

dia 3 - Nasodren


The sinus infection begins to clear up. In the same way, the drainage process begins to work normally.

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In 90% of cases, from the seventh day of use, the normal functioning of the nasal mucosa and paranasal sinuses has already been restored.

What makes Nasodren® different?

Once a day - Nasodren

Only once a day

Nasodren® only needs to be sprayed once a day, providing 24h of relief from all sinus infection symptoms.

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Immediate action - Nasodren

Immediate action

Nasodren® works quickly after administration. You can sneeze and blow your nose as soon as you apply the solution.

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Natural - Nasodren

100% natural

The cyclamen extract has been prepared as a 100% natural nasal spray, in this way it is used to relieve all the symptoms of sinusitis.

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Estudios Clínicos de Nasodren

+30 published studies

Studies conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Nasodren® have been published in the most important scientific journals.

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From Hartington Pharmaceutical, we want to bring this new personalised online service to those patients who suffer from acute or chronic sinusitis. Therefore, the consultation is free for the patient.

Our e-health service is performed by a doctor with more than 12 years of experience in the study and research on sinusitis.

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