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Consultation with our Sinus Infection Specialist

Dr. Jordi Relats Roca
Passionate about helping you.

Access the free e-Health service

Access the free e-health service with our sinusitis specialist

To book an appointment with Dr. Relats, a doctor specialising in sinusitis, contact Andrea to arrange a date and time as soon as possible. You can use any of the communication channels we have available.


When you have the day and time for your online consultation with our sinusitis specialist, you will receive a link for your video consultation through the Zoom application.


On the day and the time scheduled for your online consultation with our expert sinusitis doctor. Enter the link that we provide you through the Zoom application and get answers to all your questions!

Consult our sinusitis specialist

We will be happy to help you: We are committed to you.

Our e-health service is performed by a doctor with more than 12 years of experience in the study and research on sinusitis.

The telemedicine consultation is free for the patient, being the mission of Hartington Pharmaceutical to bring this new personalized online service to those patients suffering from acute or chronic sinusitis.

During the consultation they will perform:

  • Diagnostic orientation
  • Clinical recommendations and resolution of questions about chronic sinusitis
  • Preventive advice or use of prescribed products. How to use them, combine them, and eliminate their continued use in case of unhealthy dependencies.
  • Follow-up of the diagnostic orientation if necessary.
Approximate consultation time for our sinusitis specialist: 20min.

When to ask for a consultation with our sinusitis specialist?

Our chronic sinusitis specialist will help those patients with a tendency to suffer acute or chronic episodes of sinusitis. The advice for those patients who suffer from sinusitis during an episode of more than 3 months is of special importance.

Remember that to receive your online consultation you need:

Download the free app from the link received to your e-mail or WhatsApp
Confirm that you have a good Wi-Fi or data connection
If you cannot keep the appointment, remember to cancel or modify it 48 hours before

What do our customers say?

When you are suddenly diagnosed with sinusitis of the left maxilla in times of confinement and quickly, you immediately think of something decisive and that is when I discover NASODREN. At the time of application you suffer a kind of nasal irritation that causes an activation of both nasal and pharyngeal secretions. In my case the irritation was greater the second day than the first, my secretions were clear and fluid. This irritation subsides in a while and you notice a sensation of increase and improvement of inspiration. Treatment should not be abandoned before the recommended time. Any doubt that arises is solved immediately by a whole team of professionals. Thank you so much for everything. 100% recommended product.


Hello, when I did my military service when I was 21 years old in the high mountains, the temperatures were extreme and the constant cold below zero caused me sinusitis, now I am 54 years old and since then I have treated myself 3 times with antibiotics and nasal solutions, but still when Winter arrives and in times of high pollen concentration in spring-summer, my nasal mucous membranes become inflamed and I have problems. Nasodren in the first two takes already helped me to evacuate mucus with infection (yellow color) and after 10 days of treatment, the inflammation of my forehead and eyebrows has completely decreased, and the pain, it is wonderful, I will continue up to 14-15 days, to clean well. I am very happy without any hassle, wonderful and also a natural product.

Manel V.

Frequently asked questions about the e-health service

How does the online consultation with the sinus infection specialist work?

It is very simple, contact us and choose the time that best suits you for your online consultation.
We will send you the link so that you can connect at the agreed time. Make sure you have a good connection.

How much is it?

The online consultation e-health service with our expert sinusitis doctor has no cost.

How much time do I have to make an online consultation?

The estimated time is about 20 minutes long.

What if I have an emergency?

If you consider that your query is an emergency, contact us and we will find together a way to address your query as soon as possible.

Can I make multiple inquiries?

Yes, if after a few days you have not noticed an improvement, you can book an online consultation again.

Can I make a consultation on the weekend?

Our e-health online consultation service with an expert is only available from Monday to Friday.

What if I can't attend?

If you cannot attend the previously arranged appointment, please cancel it. In this way, if another patient needs a reservation or has an emergency to consult our expert doctor, they can be treated.

How can I cancel my online consultation?

It’s very simple, our customer service staff is always available. Just contact us.

Do I need to buy Nasodren for the consultation?

No, our online consultation service is free and open to all patients with this pathology.
If you want to try the benefits of Nasodren® you can buy it in our online store .

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