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Team Nasodren

More than 20 years of learning about sinusitis to help improve the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

Team Hartington Pharmaceutical

Hartington Pharmaceutical

We are a pharmaceutical company with an international presence dedicated to biotechnology research. We focus on the development and production of pharmaceutical preparations derived from natural substances, based on a fusion between nature and technology.

All our products are produced using the most advanced technology and feature a hallmark of excellence.

years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector

Founded in 1996 and with a significant international presence in the pharmaceutical field, at Hartington Pharmaceutical we have been working hard for more than 20 years to find new products that will help improve your quality of life.


Our team

Our team is made up of experts from various nationalities who come from various scientific disciplines. We have been learning about sinusitis since 1996 and have been advised by the most prestigious otolaryngologists in the world.

Alexander Levdanski - Hartington Pharmaceutical

Alexander Levdanski


Vakhtane - Hartington Pharmaceutical

Vakhtang Mtchedlidze

I+D Director

Marta Riba - Hartington Pharmaceutical

Marta Riba

Pharmaceutical Director

Dimitri Mtchedlidze - Hartington Pharmaceutical

Dimitri Mtchedlidze


Judith Angudez - Hartington Pharmaceutical

Judith Agundez

IT Manager

Jordi Relats - Hartington Pharmaceutical

Jordi Relats

Medical Director & Marketing

Archil Mtchedlidze -Hartington Pharmaceutical

Archil Mtchedlidze

Operations Director

Andrea Cozza - Hartington Pharmaceutical

Andrea Cozza

Management Executive Assistant

Xantal Margalef - Hartington Pharmaceutical

Xantal Margalef

Financial Director


Amalia Fumanal

Online Marketing


Antonio Tradacete

Director of Legal Department

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