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Natural Nasal Spray Nasodren®

Nasodren®  is a 100% natural, effective and safe nasal spray for the relief of all symptoms of persistent and heavy colds and sinusitis. Fast relief from the first application.

Innovation in the treatment of sinusitis

Nasodren® natural nasal spray is a freeze-dried powder obtained from the natural extract of fresh tubers of Cyclamen europaeum.

The Cyclamen extract prepared as a nasal spray (Nasodren®) is used to relieve all sinusitis symptoms: nasal congestion, runny nose, facial pain, and a decrease in or loss of smell, as it removes retained mucus in the nostrils and paranasal sinuses.

Nasodren® is a Medical Device Class I (MDR 2017/745).

A unique mechanism of action

One application, 24 hours of relief

Mecanismo de accion - Nasodren

Drains the accumulated mucus

It reactivates the physiological defence mechanisms of the upper respiratory tract


Cleanses the nose and paranasal sinuses

It physically stimulates the nerve endings (mechanoreceptors) of the nasal mucosa


Reduces nasal congestion

It helps improve nasal breathing

Learn more about the mechanism of action.

How to use Natural Nasal Spray Nasodren®?

Nasodren® is used nasally. We recommend that you read the instructions before using the product and remember not to inhale during the administration of the nasal spray.

Continuous and prolonged improvement

Nasodren® nasal spray effectively relieves the symptoms of sinusitis from the first day it is applied. 2-3 minutes after administering it, abundant nasal discharge is experienced for 2 to 3 hours with the consequent relief of symptoms and improved nasal breathing.

In most cases, after 3 days of treatment, the symptoms associated with nasal congestion, headaches and a feeling of heaviness in the sinus area will have disappeared. However, you should complete the treatment (7-10 days) to restore the normal functioning of the nasal mucosa and the paranasal sinuses.

dia 1- Nasodren

Day 1

3 minutes after applying Nasodren®, an abundant mucopurulent nasal secretion occurs.

dia 2-Nasodren

Day 3

There is a reduction in the hyperaemia (redness) of the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity and the paranasal sinuses. The mucus secretion is accompanied by a noticeable pulsating reflex in the sinuses that drain the mucus.

dia 3 - Nasodren

Day 5

The secretion of large amounts of mucus is observed, but without any purulent component with an activation of the mucus drainage processes.

dia 4 - Nasodren

Day 7

In 90% of cases, the normal functioning of the nasal mucosa and paranasal sinuses has been restored.

Cyclamen Europaeum extract

The active ingredient in the Nasodren® natural nasal spray for sinusitis is Cyclamen europaeum: a plant from the Primulaceae family commonly used in medicine due to its curative effect on nasopharyngeal diseases.

Cyclamen Nasodren
Beneficios Cyclamen Nasodren

Healing effect

Highly positive results in the treatment of nasopharyngeal diseases

Beneficios Cyclamen Nasodren


Relief from the first application

Beneficios Cyclamen Nasodren

Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action

Reduces swelling and helps clean

Nasodren nasal spray for sinus infection symptoms

Get your Nasodren® Nasal Spray now

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Nasodren nasal spray for sinus infection symptoms

Get your Nasodren® Nasal Spray now!

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