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Natural treatment for Sinusitis

A natural treatment for sinus infection is possible. Nasodren® is a 100% natural, effective and safe nasal spray to treat the symptoms of chronic and acute sinusitis. With no rebound effect.

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Innovation in a natural treatment for sinus infection

Nasodren es un producto indicado para la sinusitis

Nasodren® is a natural treatment for sinusitis that restores the functioning of the paranasal sinuses and removes the mucus inside.

Nasodren® with its unique mechanism of action that:

  • Opens the orifices in the sinuses that have closed due to inflammation.
  • Restores the functioning of the cilia and increases the production of clear mucus.
  • Drains thick mucus that has accumulated in all the paranasal sinuses.
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Advantages of a 100% natural treatment for sinusitis

tratamiento natural sinusitis

Cyclamen europaeum extract

without antibiotics

Without antibiotics,
nor corticosteroids.

With no rebound effect

Effective and scientifically proven

Hartington Pharmaceutical

Nasodren® is a natural treatment for sinusitis that contains only cyclamen extract, without excipients or preservatives.

The efficacy of Nasodren® has been demonstrated in 30 clinical trials carried out in hospitals/health centers in countries around the world (Spain, USA, Germany, Russia, etc.) and the results have been published in the most prestigious scientific journals, among they Rhinology, journal of the European Society of Rhinology and The Laryngoscope, journal of the American Society of Rhinology.

Other natural alternatives to treat sinusitis

Among all the alternatives to treat sinusitis, there are some that have proven their efficacy and safety in well-designed clinical trials, but there are many other products that have no or few, poorly designed studies.

Even though they are safe, most of the products studied for the relief of sinusitis have no or minimal action on mucociliary clearance (cilia and mucus) and consequently do not achieve the drainage of mucus, so the relief they offer is light and brief.

Among these natural treatments for sinusitis would be, among others, saline or sea water and nasal irrigations that are adequate to keep the nasal mucosa clean and moist but have a very discreet effect on the paranasal sinuses.

To relieve sinusitis, natural treatments must be used to restore the functioning of the paranasal sinuses and eliminate the mucus retained inside.

Nasodren spray nasal

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