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Frequently asked questions about Nasodren®

Here you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the use of the Nasodren┬« natural nasal spray. If you need further help, or have any other questions or concerns, you can contact one of our Nasodren┬« experts for more information.

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What is Nasodren®? What is Nasodren's® composition?

Nasodren® is a 100% natural nasal spray (no preservatives or additives), indicated for the symptomatic treatment of acute sinusitis and exacerbations of chronic sinusitis and exudative otitis media. Nasodren® is a lyophilised extract of tubers from a plant: Cyclamen europaeum.

What makes Nasodren® different?

Unlike other products for sinusitis that only act at the level of the nasal mucosa, Nasodren® has a unique and dual physiological mechanism of action and acts both at the level of the nostrils and the paranasal sinuses, eliminating the mucus retained in both and immediately relieving the symptoms associated with sinusitis.

  • Nasodren┬« takes effect from the first application and reduces the amount of time sinusitis takes to go away.
  • Nasodren┬« does not create addiction nor does it require the dose or frequency of use to be increased over time.

How does Nasodren® work?

Nasodren® has a dual mechanism of action:

  • On the one hand, it exerts an osmotic effect by removing the fluid contained in the cells of the nasal mucosa. This reduces inflammation and relieves nasal congestion.
  • Secondly, and more importantly, Nasodren┬« acts by reactivating the physiological defence mechanisms of the upper respiratory tract that deteriorate during sinusitis.

Is Nasodren® a safe product?

Nasodren® is a very safe product since its active ingredient, saponins, is not absorbed and does not reach the bloodstream. Therefore, Nasodren® does not produce systemic side effects (that is, it does not affect the liver, kidneys or other organs).

What undesirable effects can Nasodren® have?

Nasodren’s┬« specific mechanism of action can produce itching, sneezing, a brief burning sensation, tearing and slight redness of the face. These are all signs that the product is working properly. All of these effects are generally brief (a few minutes) and decrease over the course of treatment.

Is Nasodren® an effective product?

The effectiveness of Nasodren® has been demonstrated in 30 clinical trials conducted in countries around the world (USA, Germany, Spain, Russia, etc.) and the results have been published in the most prestigious scientific journals, including Rhinology, the journal of the European Rhinologic Society, and The Laryngoscope, the journal of the American Rhinologic Society.

How many applications of Nasodren® do I need to feel relief?

  • The effect of Nasodren┬« can be felt from the first application.
  • 2-3 minutes after application, abundant rhinorrhea (nasal discharge) occurs for approximately 2 hours, and consequently nasal congestion and facial pressure are significantly reduced.
  • The recommended duration of treatment is a minimum of 7 days, to ensure the sinuses are fully cleansed.

Can I be allergic to cyclamen?

Yes, although it is rare, some people may develop an allergy to Primulaceae, the family of plants to which Cyclamen europaeum belongs. It usually has no serious consequences.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when an allergic reaction will occur for the first time. If it happens, you should visit the allergist to confirm the diagnosis.

The effects produced by Nasodren’s┬« mechanism of action (nasal secretion, tearing and sneezing that demonstrate that the product is working properly) should not be confused with an allergic reaction.

When is Nasodren® contraindicated?

In case of allergy to Primulaceae and during pregnancy and breastfeeding (no clinical trials have been conducted that include these populations).

Can pregnant women and nursing mothers use Nasodren®?

Although Nasodren® is a safe product, there are no clinical studies that have included pregnant or breastfeeding women. Therefore, we cannot recommend the product in those cases. In case of severe sinus infection, please ask your doctor for advice.

Can Nasodren® be used in children?

Clinical trials with Nasodren┬« have included patients ages 5 and up. However, due to the effects of Nasodren’s┬« mechanism of action, we recommend evaluating the benefits against the child’s reaction to it.

Why should Nasodren® be stored in the refrigerator and only up to 16 days?

Nasodren® is a natural product and does not contain any type of preservative, so once it has been reconstituted (the powder has been mixed with the water), it must be stored in the refrigerator to avoid contamination or degradation. Stability studies confirm that the product is stable for 16 days, which is more than enough since the recommended course of treatment is 7 days.