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Sinusitis is a common but poorly understood and underdiagnosed disease.

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the lining of the paranasal sinuses. First, it is important to know that since it is almost impossible for the sinus lining to become inflamed without the lining of the nose becoming inflamed, this disease is currently called rhinosinusitis.

Rhinosinusitis is characterized by two or more symptoms, one of which must be:

• Nasal blockage / obstruction / congestion or

• Runny nose (anterior/posterior nasal drip, a feeling of mucus in the throat)

Other common symptoms of rhinosinusitis are:

• Facial pain/pressure

• Reduction or loss of smell

Although the doctor will make the diagnosis based on the symptoms, specialists can do a visual examination of the nose and sinuses with an endoscope and check, among other things, whether there are polyps and/or mucopurulent discharge.

On some occasions, it will be necessary to perform a Computed Tomography scan (X-rays are not advisable when sinusitis is suspected as they can give false images) to check the state of the tubes that go from the sinuses to the back of the nose (nasopharynx), through which mucus must pass to be swallowed, digested and eliminated.

A CT scan can also reveal anatomical alterations that favour the appearance of sinusitis, such as deviation of the nasal septum, cysts, abnormalities of the turbinates, etc.

In short, for the diagnosis of sinusitis, there must either be congestion or a runny nose. If neither of these two symptoms are present, another condition should be considered.

Sinusitis symptoms are caused by the accumulation of thick mucus inside the sinuses, and therefore relief is achieved by draining the mucus.

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