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The sense of smell is a highly developed sense in humans and plays a fundamental role in people’s lives

Smells alert us to harmful substances; they allow us, for instance, to enjoy good food and good wine and bring back memories, of moments, situations, and people, making us relieve feelings and emotions.

Therefore, an impairment of smell, whether quantitative (decrease or loss) or qualitative, has a very negative impact on the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

A disturbance of the sense of smell influences our diet, our work life, and, of course, our human and sexual relationships.

Each person is different, and their perception of smells may differ from that of others;  think, for example, how much we may like a perfume and how little a relative or friend likes it.

If we focus on the role of smell in sexual life, there are various smells emanating from the human body that excite people; This set of smells is called olfactophilia, and we can distinguish:

  • Antolagnia: which is sexual arousal due to the scents of flowers and perfumes.
  • Barosmia: sexual arousal from certain smells
  • Ozolagnia: sexual arousal from strong odours
  • Renifleu: very intense arousal due to the partner’s urine

Olfactophilia can be a problem (paraphilia) if it causes distress or impairs social or work life, or harms the people sufferer.

However, in a survey carried out in Germany, 50% of men acknowledged that the smell of their partners aroused them.

In short, beyond philia, the sense of smell is an important sense that we must take care of and that can be affected by various causes, including infections of the upper airways such as sinusitis.

Around 80% of sinusitis sufferers have a diminished sense of smell or have even lost it. In this case, the cause is the accumulation of mucus inside the paranasal sinuses, so relief is achieved by eliminating that mucus. That is precisely what Nasodren does.

Nasodren is a 100% natural product that has a unique and dual physiological mechanism of action. Nasodren acts both at the level of the nasal fossa and the paranasal sinuses, unlike other products for sinusitis that only act at the level of the nasal mucosa. Nasodren removes retained mucus both in the nostril and in the paranasal sinuses, relieving all symptoms of sinusitis from the first application.

Nasodren: Treats sinus infection symptoms effectively

Nasodren is 100% natural, with no rebound effect

Effectively reduces nasal congestion

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