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Nasal congestion is an annoying symptom that everyone suffers from several times in their lives.

Nasal congestion is due to inflammation of the mucosa and increased mucus.

The most frequent causes of congestion are rhinitis (allergic or not) and especially upper respiratory tract infections: common cold, sinusitis, and flu.

Although, barring complications, none of the diseases are serious, nasal congestion, especially when it lasts for many days, has a negative impact on quality of life. This is why we are looking for remedies and treatments to combat it.

Here are some tips that can help us relieve nasal congestion besides treating its cause.

  1. Keep the nasal mucosa hydrated

In particular in regions with a dry climate or in places with a lot of pollution, the nasal mucosa dries out and does not function correctly. It is recommended to use saline solution or seawater once or twice a day to keep the nasal mucosa clean and hydrated.

  1. Control the humidity in your home

Especially in winter, with the use of heating, the environment inside the houses is often dry. For the reasons mentioned above, it is advisable to maintain a humidity level between 40 and 60%.

This can be achieved by having plants in the living room and by placing containers of water on the radiators of the rooms.

  1. Steam

Inhaling steam can help drain nasal mucus and thus relieve congestion. Some plants seem to have a decongestant effect, such as eucalyptus, so adding a few drops of the essence of that plant to boiling water is recommended.

  1. Tilt the bed

To help the drainage of mucus, it is advisable to put some risers (3-4 cm) on the legs of the bed so that the head is higher than the feet.

  1. Onion

Although it does not have a pleasant smell, onion, due to its components, is an excellent mucolytic and natural nasal decongestant as well as an antitussive; i.e. it calms the cough.

Take a large onion, cut it in two, and chop it up to release the substances that will thin the mucus and relieve nasal blockage.

If, despite all this, the congestion does not improve, you can use a nasal spray. It is worth knowing that there are some all-natural remedies that are very effective and safe.

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