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The symptoms of sinusitis are due to the accumulation of mucus in the sinuses and therefore relief is achieved by draining that mucus. This is what all nasal sprays indicated for this condition try to achieve. The problem is that due to the anatomical location of the sinuses and their physiology, it is not easy for the substances in these sprays to reach the sinuses.

Saponins: Why you don’t need to inhale Nasodren®

Nasodren® is a 100% natural nasal spray, containing only cyclamen extract. This extract contains substances called saponins whose health-promoting properties have been known for centuries. Due to their high molecular weight, saponins cannot penetrate the nasal mucosa and are therefore not absorbed, do not pass into the bloodstream and so do not reach the liver, kidneys or other organs or tissues. Nor do the saponins in cyclamen extract (Nasodren®) act in the sinuses. They act and drain mucus indirectly. Saponins physically stimulate the receptors (trigeminal nerve endings) found in the nasal mucosa. This stimulation restores the normal functioning of the nasal mucosa and sinuses, resulting in the drainage of accumulated mucus.

Therefore, since the saponins must act at the level of the nasal mucosa, it is necessary to avoid inhaling when using Nasodren®. The correct way to use it is to stop breathing for a few seconds while pressing the nozzle to apply the product.

What happens if I inhale Nasodren®?

This unique mechanism of action of Nasodren®, which drains mucus from all sinuses and relieves sinusitis symptoms from the first application, has some undesirable effects.
Within seconds of applying the spray, itching, sneezing, a brief burning sensation, tearing and a slight reddening of the face may occur. These are signs of a positive response to the product. All these effects are usually brief (a few minutes) and diminish over the course of treatment. Do not confuse these effects and the consequent abundant runny nose with an allergy to the product; these effects just show that Nasodren® has acted as intended and that after using the spray an alleviation of sinus symptoms will be noticed.

To avoid these effects from being more intense and longer lasting, it is also recommended not to inhale when using Nasodren®. It is very common for people with nasal breathing problems to inhale deeply when applying a spray, e.g. a decongestant, in the (false) hope that this will make the product work faster. This is why many people, out of habit, do not read the instructions and use the product incorrectly. Nasodren® should be used without inhalation, as its effect is at the level of the nasal mucosa. Inhaling the product will not improve its performance and will only intensify the undesirable effects, although in no case will they pose a serious health problem.


Nasodren: Relieves the symptoms of sinus infection

Nasodren® is a 100% natural, safe, and effective nasal spray

Relieves the symptoms of sinusitis from the first application