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The most common origin of sinusitis is something as simple as catching a cold. The sneezing, headaches, nasal congestion, and other typical symptoms begin. This condition is well known to everyone and affects practically 100 % of the population at some point during the year.
If everything runs its course, with symptomatic treatment, the symptoms will last about 5–7 days with general malaise and little else to affect our daily life.

But what happens when 10 days have passed and not only do you still have the symptoms mentioned above, but they are more intense and there is more mucus in the throat, facial pain and loss of smell?

When cold symptoms last longer than 10 days, a doctor will most likely diagnose acute sinusitis. Acute sinusitis occurs when thick mucus builds up in the sinuses, causing the symptoms mentioned above. Unfortunately, there are no treatments beyond symptomatic relief, so these symptoms can last for a few days or even weeks (or even become chronic, which means that one can suffer from these annoying symptoms for more than three months).

How does sinusitis affect daily life?

One of the most common consequences of suffering sinusitis is difficulty breathing through the nose, which can affect the quality of sleep at night and waking up with a dry mouth.
As a result of the poor quality and quantity of sleep, people suffering from sinusitis wake up more tired and tend to feel irritable over the smallest of things.

Sinusitis at work

Lack of sleep makes it difficult to concentrate at work and therefore leads to poorer job performance. It is common to feel uncomfortable in meetings due to difficulty breathing well through the nose, constant runny nose, and continuous tickling of mucus in the throat.
At mealtime, nothing is likely to have any taste or smell.
But it is not such a “serious” condition as to require sick leave.

Sinusitis and free time

Obviously, in addition to lack of sleep and poor performance at work, it is also not desirable to engage in any leisure activity, especially those involving social activity, as headaches are quite frequent, and the accumulated fatigue can lead to a miserable experience.
People who suffer from chronic sinusitis also see their sex life diminished and it is very common for relationships to be affected due to increased and more intense snoring.

What to do in case of sinusitis in daily life?

To deal with sinusitis, the first thing is to know that the aforementioned symptoms are due to inflammation of the nasal mucosa and sinuses, which causes purulent mucus to accumulate inside them. Therefore, if the problem is accumulated mucus, the solution is to drain this mucus.

This is precisely what makes Nasodren® a 100% natural, safe, and effective nasal spray that, through its unique mechanism of action, drains the mucus and cleans the sinuses and nasal passages, relieving the symptoms of sinusitis from the first application.

Nasodren® is a very safe product since its active ingredient, saponins, are not absorbed. Therefore they do not reach the bloodstream or produce systemic side effects, that is, they do not affect the liver, kidneys or other organs or tissues.


Nasodren: Relieves the symptoms of sinus infection

Nasodren® 100% natural, safe, and effective nasal spray

Relieves the symptoms of sinusitis from the first application