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Those who endure sinus problems regularly, or better said, patients with a history of chronic rhinosinusitis, can tell how annoying living and coping with this disease turns out to be. There’s a considerable percentage of people who don’t respond to treatments, even when getting the right ones, so they need to make an additional effort to improve their quality of life.

Bearing this in mind, here are some easy-to-follow tips to alleviate sinusitis symptoms. Let’s take a look at them!

1- Quit smoking

Lung cancer, heart disease and bronchitis are often linked to tobacco smoke, yet the list of conditions goes on and on. And, yes, sinusitis is one of them! Cigarette smoke and its gases can not only prompt sinusitis and increased mucus production, but also lead to chronic sinusitis. If you suffer from this condition, you’d better quit smoking right away and also avoid smoky environments.

2- Limit your exposure to allergens

If you suffer from allergies, you may already take precautions to prevent allergy attacks (in case you don’t do so, it’s time to!). And that’s a good thing since allergies are a predisposing factor for other respiratory conditions, including sinusitis. Thus, by lowering the odds of getting an allergic reaction, you’ll also be limiting your chances of being hit by sinus issues.

3- Drink plenty of water

Filling up on water is a good way to combat nasal congestion, as it helps thin mucus. Therefore, be sure to keep yourself hydrated.

4- Avoid pressure changes

Symptoms such as facial pain, headaches or nasal congestion tend to worsen when you are exposed to changes in air pressure, for example when traveling by plane. Talk to your doctor prior to going on a trip, so that you can anticipate the problem by getting the proper treatment.

5- Keep yourself from extreme temperatures

Abrupt changes in temperature can also disrupt the correct functioning of the upper respiratory system. As this is both hard to predict and fight back against, make sure to keep your medication at hand, especially when traveling.

6- Don’t swim in chlorinated pools

Do you practice any sport? If, for example, you happen to enjoy swimming, you should be aware that pools treated with chlorine can worsen your sinus symptoms. Why? Well, chlorine is a chemical that can irritate the lining of the nose, as well as the sinuses. That being so, if you already have sinus problems, you could experience a worsening of the symptoms.

7- Don’t overdo nasal irrigation

Some people embrace nasal douching with physiological saline solutions to thin mucus and decrease their nasal congestion. However, no matter the device used (neti pots, bulb syringes, squeeze bottles, etc.), we advise you not to overdo it since it can prompt nasal irritation and nosebleeds infections. If, instead, you use nasal decongestants, keep in mind that they can cause a rebound phenomenon and lead to a condition known as rhinitis medicamentosa.

8- Breathe in humid air

Contrary to what some might think, moisture in the air is generally beneficial for our upper respiratory system, as it can prevent mucus from thickening that much and, thus, build up in the nasal and paranasal areas. If you notice that the indoor air at home is too dry, don’t hesitate to use a humidifier.

9- Keep your house properly ventilated

Allowing air to circulate through your house is essential to ward off sinus triggers, like viruses and bacteria. This is especially important during winter as the combination of poor ventilation (to keep the rooms warm) and heating creates a breeding ground for germs. In addition, try to keep your house clean, because dust (dust mites) is another common source of allergies, which in turn can give rise to sinus infections.

Hopefully, this list will help you improve and prevent your sinus-related suffering. But, of course, these measures need backing with a treatment that allows for the clearance of the sinuses, which in the end is what will give you relief.

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