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There are several factors that predispose us to sinusitis: anatomical abnormalities, active and passive smoking and allergic rhinitis, which is usually associated with chronic sinusitis, although also, to a lesser extent, with acute sinusitis.

Allergic rhinitis is a very common disease (30% of the population suffers from it) and, in general, the symptoms overlap with those of chronic sinusitis.

There are some symptoms that help differentiate a sinus infection from an allergy. Nasal itching, frequent sneezing, tearing and itchy eyes tend to be common to both. In addition to these symptoms, if the secretions consist of clear mucus, it is usually rhinitis. On the other hand, if the mucus is thicker and yellowish, it is more likely to be sinusitis.

The best treatment for allergic rhinitis is sensitization, that is, vaccines. However, it is not always easy to detect all the substances that cause allergy and achieve vaccines for all these allergens.

When allergic rhinitis causes sinusitis due to nasal congestion and impaired mucociliary function (a mechanism that drains mucus through small filaments, called cilia, that sweep mucus out of the sinuses), mucus accumulates in the sinuses and leads to the symptoms of the disease.

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