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Always in the eye of the storm, the use of cannabis keeps giving rise to many discussions worldwide. Should it be legalized? Can smoking marijuana affect our mental abilities and lead to a poorer physical health? Or are cannabinoids full of benefits for our body instead? You’ve probably heard these questions or been involved in a conversation about this topic more than once, and yet no one seems to hold the absolute truth (if there’s such a thing).

Is cannabis a medicinal plant?

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is increasingly relevant.It has been shown to help alleviate various disorders, mainly due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Recent studies have also shown that some of the components of marijuana, such as cannabigerol, cannabichromene, and even tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychotropic known as THC, contain powerful antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is hypothesized that marijuana for therapeutic purposes could be an alternative to combat those infections that do not respond to the usual antibiotic treatments, such as those caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Can cannabis help if I suffer from sinusitis?

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, generally caused by viruses and, to a lesser extent, by bacteria or fungi. Considering that medical marijuana can help treat infections, does that mean it could help fight sinusitis?

Some experts suggest that people with sinusitis, especially those with chronic sinusitis, could benefit from using natural cannabis. While that might be possible for recurring sinus problems caused by bacteria, no one should expect a positive response when viruses are the source of the problem, which is the most common situation. Besides, to feel complete relief, it is necessary to drain the accumulated mucus from the sinuses, which ultimately explains most of the sinusitis symptoms, such as facial pain and headaches. And, okay, cannabinoids can help reduce inflammation in your sinuses, but they won’t be able to remove those thick secretions responsible for facial pain or headache.

It goes without saying that when we talk about medical marijuana, we are not referring to smoking, which presents many health hazards due to toxins such as carcinogenic hydrocarbons. Instead, vaporization is being safely used in trials to deliver aerosolized cannabinoids to the lungs (cannabinoid vapors form at 180-190 degrees Celsius, below combustion, and thus limit associated toxins with smoke). But cannabis vaporization might not be the only way to harness cannabis for medical purposes. Kristen Peskuski, a survivor of systemic lupus, endometriosis, hypoglycemia, and chronic sinusitis, among other conditions, claims that consuming raw marijuana juice every day saved her life. And not only that; She has been using it ever since to stay healthy and help others!

We must bear in mind that researchers are trying to make the most of cannabis, despite its poor perception and the concerns it still raises in many social sectors.


But, of course, don’t use marijuana for medical purposes without your doctor’s advice and supervision.

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