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It seems clear that there is a relationship between weather conditions and sinusitis. Changes in pressure, air humidity, and temperature, influence the nasal mucosa and favour the emergence of sinusitis.

Sudden weather changes are accompanied by changes in barometric pressure that, when abrupt, can generate pressure in the sinuses with consequent headache and nasal congestion.

Therefore, if you suffer from sinusitis, it is advisable to follow the weather forecast. When sudden changes in pressure are announced, take measures, such as draining your sinuses, that is, eliminating the accumulated mucus responsible for the symptoms of sinusitis.

Changes of season also affect the sinuses. For example, a drop in humidity causes problems for people with respiratory disorders. Dry air dehydrates the nasal mucosa, affects the functioning of the cilia, and favours infections by bacteria and viruses.

As we cannot change the weather outdoors, it is advisable to keep the air at home humid and clean, and free from microorganisms and allergens, by using a humidifier.

If your sinusitis is caused by an allergic rhinitis due to pollen, then on windy days, especially in spring, you should avoid the outdoors as much as possible, and close windows to prevent pollen from entering the house.

Contrary to popular belief, temperature changes do not seem to increase the likelihood of getting a cold or the flu. However, we must remember that acute sinusitis very often follows a cold whose symptoms last more than ten days or worsen after five days.

In a nutshell, if you suffer from sinusitis, maintain an adequate level of humidity in your home, and drain the mucus from your sinuses, especially when meteorologists announce sudden changes in atmospheric pressure.

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