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It is an almost impossible mission to find a person who has not had nasal congestion at some point in his or her life. The reason is that this annoying symptom is caused by different prevalent diseases such as the common cold, the flu, sinusitis and, unfortunately, a disease called Rhinitis Medicamentosa, whose main cause is the abuse of nasal decongestants (we will return to this point later).

Nasal congestion occurs when the vessels of the nasal mucosa become inflamed, which is known as rhinitis. In turn, the nasal mucosa produces more mucus so that in addition to congestion, there may be a runny nose and mucus in the throat.

The most commonly used drugs to relieve nasal congestion are decongestants. These nasal sprays, which are advertised on TV and are dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription, effectively relieve nasal congestion as they produce vasoconstriction; that is, they reduce the blood supply to the mucosa, achieving decongestion. The problem with these preparations is that their action is short, which leads to them being used more than the recommended number of times and/or days, producing a loss of efficacy and a rebound effect. This can finally cause an alteration of the nasal mucosa causing Rhinitis Medicamentosa, whose characteristic symptom is, paradoxically, nasal congestion.

In the case of nasal congestion caused by sinusitis, it should be known that rhinitis and sinusitis usually coexist and are concurrent in most individuals. Therefore, the correct terminology is now rhinosinusitis.

Since the cause of nasal congestion is excess mucus that can accumulate in the sinuses, causing sinusitis, the relief of this and other symptoms, such as facial pain, reduction or loss of smell and nasal discharge, is achieved by eliminating the build-up of mucus.

This can be achieved effectively, safely, and naturally with Nasodren.

Nasodren is a 100% natural spray that contains cyclamen extract and does not contain preservatives or excipients.

Nasodren has a dual mechanism of action. On the one hand, it exerts an osmotic effect by removing the fluid contained in the nasal mucosa cells, reducing inflammation, and relieving nasal congestion. On the other hand, it recovers the normal functioning of the sinuses that sinusitis has impaired and enables the accumulated mucus to drain from all the sinuses, relieving all the symptoms of sinusitis.

Nasodren is a very safe product since its active ingredient, saponins, is not absorbed, does not reach the bloodstream, and does not produce systemic side effects. That is, saponins do not affect the liver, kidneys or other organs.

The efficacy of Nasodren has been demonstrated in 30 clinical trials carried out in hospitals/health centres in countries around the world (USA, Germany, Spain, Russia, etc.). The results have been published in the most prestigious scientific journals, including Rhinology, from the European Rhinology Society, and The Laryngoscope, from the American Rhinology Society.

Nasodren: Treats sinus infection symptoms effectively

Nasodren is 100% natural, with no rebound effect

Effectively reduces nasal congestion

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