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The sinuses are 4 pairs of air-filled cavities located behind the forehead, nose, cheeks, and eyes.
When there is sinusitis, the inflammation of the sinuses leads to the accumulation of mucus inside with the appearance of the characteristic symptoms of this disease: congestion and runny nose, facial pain or pressure, and reduction or loss of smell.
Sinusitis symptoms can vary depending on which sinuses are most affected.

When the ethmoid sinuses are affected, there is usually pain around the eyes and nostrils.

Although they are not very frequent, there are cases in which sinusitis produces visual alterations such as seeing better with one eye and after a while feeling the opposite or not calculating distances well with the consequent risk of falling. This is because the accumulation of mucus has clogged the sinuses and prevented the eyes from working together, affecting the mobility of the eyeball and spatial perception.

Fortunately, even less common are the serious eye complications of sinusitis.
Symptoms such as oedema around the eye, eyeball displacement, double vision, decreased visual acuity, severe unilateral or bilateral frontal headache point to complications such as intracranial sepsis or an alternative diagnosis and require an urgent and appropriate diagnosis.

How to avoid complications in sinusitis?

When there are symptoms of sinusitis, they are due to the accumulation of mucus in the sinuses. Therefore, the solution and the prevention of complications is achieved by eliminating that mucus. This is precisely what Nasodren® does.

Nasodren® is a 100% natural nasal spray containing only lyophilized cyclamen extract. Nasodren® drains the accumulated mucus in the sinuses, relieving all the symptoms of sinusitis from the first application.


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