The sounds of sinus

Sinusitis and other conditions with cold-like symptoms can keep us in bed, feeling miserable for a few days and even weeks. Coping with nasal blockage, a runny nose or facial pain, among other problems, entails an unpleasant experience that usually gets stored in our minds. For some, though, struggling with sinus infections, allergies or colds has served as a source of musical inspiration, perhaps trying to play down such annoying symptoms.

Can you make a song about this and succeed? Take some time to listen to the following tracks, all of which describe how awful suffering from these diseases can be, and judge for yourself. It's time to put the tissues aside, let the music 'intoxicate' you and get in the groove.

1- The sounds of sinus (Dr. Demento)

The American radio broadcaster Barry Hansen, better known as Dr. Demento, made his own version of 'The Sounds of Silence' (Simon and Garfunkel) many years ago. Living up to the name of this post, the result turned out to be nothing but hilarious.



2- The cold, allergy & flu song (Yucky Muck / Josh Weinstock)

Youtube keeps surprising us with diverse (and unique) material. There's nothing to say about the following video, but watch it. Just watch it.



3- The Allergy Song (Mikeypixels)

Here's a parody of 'The lazy song', one of Bruno Mars' hits, which has been reinterpreted to talk about the nightmare of having allergies. Enjoy it!



4- Allergies (Barenaked ladies)

This Canadian rock band, widely famous for songs like 'One week' or the theme for the 'Big Bang Theory' show, focused on allergies (of all kinds!) in this song, which is a bit 'intense'... to say the least.



5- Sinus infection (The Aquadolls)

“Out of my head, I don't care what you said, you sit here all day and then you blow me away”. The Aquadolls used the metaphor of sinus infection and heartbreak in this song, released in 2014 as part of the album 'Stoked on you'.



6- The sneezing song (Hey fever)

The 'sneezing song' (1984) is a one-off project by the Southafrican group 'Hey fever', whose components decided to add a touch of funk to what a cold feels like.



Whether you like them or not, find them catchy or make you want to wear earplugs for the rest of the day, these songs do tell 'uncomfortable' truths about fighting against such illnesses. Maybe the next time you are sick (hopefully, not for a long time), you find yourself humming one of these songs as if you were, somehow, casting a spell in order to feel well again.

Unfortunately, and leaving the fun component aside, dancing to such tunes won't relieve your symptoms. If anything, you may crack a smile while trying to find the best treatment for your discomfort. And we've got a good idea about that!

Do you know any other songs that talk about these symptoms? If so, let us know so that we can add them to our soundtrack!

Hartington Team

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  • Comment Link Mowgli Wednesday, 18 May 2016 13:27 posted by Mowgli

    Hey Fever was a bop back then, specially among kids. Every time someone sneezed in the classroom someone would start singing.

  • Comment Link Mika Wednesday, 18 May 2016 11:46 posted by Mika

    even mucous can inspire

  • Comment Link Terence Moixa Tuesday, 17 May 2016 15:35 posted by Terence Moixa

    That was weird to listen... guess inspiration is everywhere

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