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To determine the most prevalent sinusitis symptoms among sinus sufferers, we decided to survey our website. The ‘test,’ which will remain open, comprises eight questions regarding those symptoms that usually trouble patients with this condition. Our goal was to gather more revealing data on how sinus infections affect people, and we’ve finally come up with some statistics about it. Let’s take a look at them!

A total of 201 people filled out our survey, which allowed them to choose between the following symptoms: nasal congestion, nasal discharge, facial pain, loss of smell, headache, bad breath and pain in the teeth. Also, the test inquired whether the respondents’ pain increased during the course of their disease or not.

The results speak for themselves: the majority of respondents, 170, settled on nasal congestion as the main sinusitis symptom. This is followed by facial pain, which hit 164 of the 201 people taking part in the survey. Ranking third (156), headaches turn out to be one of the most common complaints as well, and they usually strike along with facial pain (140 people stated that they suffered from both at the same time). A considerable amount of respondents(131) admit having dealt with loss of smell, whereas 117 complained about nasal discharge.

Finally, the results show that both pain in the teeth (96) and bad breath (93) tend to affect people to a lesser degree. Yet, if we think about it, these symptoms still bothered nearly 50% of those who took a minute to answer the questions, which is a lot.

However, the most worrying finding is that one hundred people (50%) indicated that they suffered from 6 of the mentioned symptoms or more; 30, from one to three; and 22, from all symptoms. What’s more, 136 noticed a worsening of such symptoms, which reassures what we already knew about sinusitis: it’s a tricky condition that requires both proper diagnosis and treatment to prevent further complications.

Unfortunately, to this day, sinus infections aren’t tackled the way they should be due to a lack of knowledge about what triggers them and the physical difficulties involving the treatment (the paranasal area isn’t easy to reach). That’s why we think that by deepening into symptomatology, we can improve the general understanding of this disease and how to face it.

Again, thank you for participating in this survey! And if you haven’t done it yet, don’t think twice and go for it, as we’ll keep collecting information to keep it updated so that we can reach more conclusions.

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