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There are many causes of headaches and determining which it is can be a difficult task at times.

Among the most frequent, less serious causes of headaches are migraine, tension headache, the common cold and, closely related to the latter, sinusitis.

How can I know or suspect that my headache is due to sinusitis?

The location and characteristics of the pain can guide us in finding the cause.

We can suspect that the cause of the headache is due to sinusitis if:

  • The pain predominates in the frontal region, above the eyebrows, and is oppressive. In other words, we feel pressure.
  • The pain worsens when we lean our head forward or when we stretch.
  • The pain is already present when we wake up.
  • The pain is accompanied by a stuffy and/or runny nose.
  • The pain has come on after a “long cold.” Note that acute post-viral sinusitis refers to a cold that lasts more than 10 days.

How can I get relief from a headache caused by sinusitis?

The headache caused by sinusitis is due to inflammation of the sinuses, especially the frontal ones. This inflammation causes thick mucus to build up inside the sinuses. This retained mucus presses on the walls of the sinuses, causing the headache.

Since the accumulation of mucus causes pain, relief will be achieved by draining that mucus and restoring normal sinus function.

The sinuses are mucus factories. It is surprising to learn that the nose and sinuses ordinarily produce about a litre of mucus every day. This mucus is propelled by microvilli (cilia) through the natural sinus openings (ostium) into the throat and is swallowed imperceptibly every day … when sinusitis is not present.

When there is sinusitis, the cilia stop working, the ostium close and mucus accumulates inside the sinuses.

Therefore, relief will be achieved by a product that restores the function of the cilia and opens the ostium to allow the mucus to drain.

That is precisely what Nasodren does.

Nasodren removes retained mucus, in both the nostrils and sinuses, that causes sinusitis symptoms, including facial pain or pressure.

Nasodren, due to its mechanism of action, recovers the function of the cilia and produces the opening of the ostium, thereby enabling the accumulated mucus to drain.

Nasodren works by reactivating the physiological defence mechanisms of the upper respiratory tract that sinusitis has impaired.

Nasodren is a 100% natural nasal spray; it only contains lyophilized extract of cyclamen that has proven its safety and efficacy for treating sinusitis in more than 30 clinical trials. Results have been published in the most prestigious scientific journals, including Rhinology, from the European Society of Rhinology and The Laryngoscope, from the American Society of Rhinology.

Nasodren: Treats sinus infection symptoms effectively

Nasodren is 100% natural, with no rebound effect

Effectively reduces nasal congestion

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